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Pool & Snooker Tables Relocation

This service can encompass dismantling, moving tables from one location to the next, either within the same building or to new premises.

It is important when carrying out this type of work that the job is undertaken by professionals, particulary with the handling of the slate bed sections.

We have a  professional team to help with moving or transporting your pool and snooker table. A billiard table can weigh up to 400kg or more, so it’s essential that you have the proper training and tools for relocating your pool table. Trying to move a table on your own or without the right equipment could lead to serious injury or a ruined table. When you hire professional movers to do the job, you can rely on our years of expertise and knowledge to safely disassemble, move, and re-install your billiard table. With our help, you can enjoy your prized pool table for years to come.

We offer quotes that are both accurate and tailored to the individual client. You won’t find us giving out estimates and then adding extras once you’ve made a decision. Our quotes cover everything, so you don’t need to worry about hidden fees or sneaky charges that are applied afterwards.

When you contact us for a quote, we will take your requirements into consideration and give you a total based on what we’re moving and where we’re travelling to. If you have a pool or snooker table, this will be factored into the cost of your house or office move. We are honest, reliable movers and packers you can trust to relocate your possessions safely and affordably and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote. Simply give us a call.

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